Respectful and Reciprocal Relationships

Super Kids Child Care Centre recognises the vital role that families play in their children’s learning and acknowledge the child’s parents and other members of their family as the child’s first and most influential teachers. We accept children do not exist in segregation; instead they exist within a broader socio-cultural ecology consisting of family, educators, peers and the wider community.


Super Kids Child Care Centre believes that building honest relations with the children in our care along with their families is imperative. It is through these day-to-day interactions with our children and their family members that we establish a foundation for respectful and reciprocal relationships, in which form the basis for successful, collaborative learning. We will engage in a shared process of give and take, listening to the ideas and opinions of our children and their families and apply this information into our teaching in a manner that respects their contributions and supports the further learning and development of our children.


Learning and Teaching Through Play

Play-based-learning is a central learning approach, in which children have the opportunity to enhance their development across all domains (physical, social, cognitive, emotional and language). Super Kids Child Care Centre recognises play as a fundamental right for children and aims to provide a play-based platform for children to actively contribute in the construction of their own knowledge and understanding of the world they are a part of.


We recognise the importance of play in forming and maintaining friendships, developing an ability to see things from someone else’s perspective and as a means for developing dispositions crucial for life long learning, including higher-order thinking, reasoning, problem solving and creativity.


Super Kids Child Care Centre believes there is a purpose and a place for a wide variety of learning opportunities, within our service, including a combination of child initiated, child led, teacher supported and teacher directed learning experiences with a range of structured group times and freely chosen yet potentially instructive play activities.


Our Educators will use their knowledge, judgement and expertise in collaboration with our children and their families to provide learning experiences for children based on their interests as well as their individual cognitive, cultural and social needs; in order to extend children’s learning from what they currently know to what they are capable of knowing and learning.


Inclusion and Equity

Super Kids Child Care Centre recognises each child brings to our service a variety of needs, distinct talents, knowledge and abilities. With this in mind we strive to ensure we provide an environment that is relevant, malleable and receptive to these needs and will provide an atmosphere that embeds the notion of inclusion, social justice and equity, affording the rights of all children, without question to equal access and opportunities.


We will uphold high expectations and equity, providing opportunities and encouraging success in all children, regardless of their diverse circumstances and capabilities and will confront with and on behalf of our children and their families inequalities that obstruct social justice, equity and inclusion.


Identity and Belonging

Developing a strong sense of identity is a vital role in the early years and throughout our lifetime. Super Kids Child Care Centre supports children to explore their identity, to be confident with and to understand who they are and to respect that everyone’s identity is different.


Feeling confident in ones identity and knowing that their identity is respected and supported is central to establishing a sense of belonging. Super Kids Child Care Centre aims to support and nurture each child’s sense of belonging, providing them with an opportunity to build strong relationships with their educators and peers and to be a part of a wider community.


We will plan and implement environments that reflect the home lives, culture and values of our children and their families, helping to further develop their identities and sense of belonging.


Children’s Voice

Super Kids Child Care Centre holds a strong belief that children are active, competent and capable contributors to their own learning. We acknowledge children’s right to form their own opinions and to express these opinions in matters involving them, as well as the right of the child to pursue, obtain and convey information and ideas through a variety of mediums of the child’s choosing.


Whilst each child is encouraged to seek information and form their own views they are reminded of the social justice perspective to respect the equal rights of others.



Super Kids Child Care Centre will advocate with and on behalf of our children and their families for matters relating to children’s rights, social justice, inclusion and equity.


Super Kids Child Care Centre believes in the importance of continuous improvement and will therefore act as reflective practitioners where by, we will question the unquestionable and challenge the unchallengeable and will do so always with the best interest of our children, their families and the wider community.